Meet your chiropractor, Dr. Michael Loloyan

A passionate and dedicated chiropractor

Dr. Michael Loloyan D.C.

With a B.A. in Biology from York College of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Molecular Biology from Concordia University, Dr. Loloyan decided to go into the medical field with a focus in preventative care. Dr. Loloyan wanted to pursue a field where he would be healing people. He chose chiropractic care.

Dr. Michael Loloyan D.C. graduated from the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivieres in 2017. He opened his clinic in 2018, Loloyan Chiropractic in Kanata to pursue the job he loves while being his own boss. Within a year of practice, he has become a household name in Kanata, Stittsville, Carp, Nepean and Gatineau for tackling complex cases and providing results where other chiropractors could not. This is due to his unique approach of investigating all possible causes of a condition instead of simply focusing on the spine.

He also understands that every individual possesses a unique profile that has to be respected to ensure the best results. At Loloyan Chiropractic in Kanata, he conducts the full health assessments of his patients to provide a customized care plan for them and he manages and treats various patient cases concerning neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions. Dr. Loloyan serves people from Kanata, North Kanata, South March, Morgan's Grant, Kanata Lakes, Marchwood and Beaverbrook.

Although born in Montreal, Quebec, Michael has lived and studied in York, Pennsylvania and Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Michael speaks 3 languages fluently - English, French and Farsi -, has a black belt in karate, is a former lifeguard and enjoys staying active by playing tennis and hiking. Michael currently resides in Kanata with his lovely wife Shannon.

Are you struggling with migraines?

Contact Dr. Michael Loloyan at Loloyan Chiropractic in Kanata for a customized care plan and chiropractic care that will relieve your pain. Dr. Loloyan will focus on determining the root of the problem and the steps towards solving it for good!

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