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Assessment and treatment - First Visit

Your first visit to Loloyan Chiropractic in Kanata will consist of an examination and assessment, followed by the appropriate muscle work and treatment, as well as a maintenance plan.

Maintenance chiropractor Kanata Ottawa Gatineau


Maintenance is key to lasting results. Everybody is different and everyone has different needs. A clean-up from head to toe, using a combination of chiropractic adjustments, treatments and muscle work with Loloyan Chiropractic in Kanata will keep you feeling better longer.

Rejuvenation therapy chiropractor Kanata Ottawa Gatineau

Rejuvenation therapy

Relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with our infrared heated wrap. Enjoy the benefits that come with muscle relaxation and detoxifying the body in either our 30 minute or 1-hour sessions at Loloyan Chiropractic in Kanata.

Book alongside treatments to support maintenance for best results!

Preparing for your first visit

Your first visit to Loloyan Chiropractic in Kanata will give our staff the chance to get to know you and your circumstances. You will also get to learn what treatment options would work best for your situation. This first appointment with us is longer than those that will follow.

The doctor will examine you, ask you a series of questions on health history, current conditions and points of concern. Then, a physical exam will follow. If the doctor feels it is appropriate he will, with your consent, begin treatment. This may include, but is not limited to, adjustments of the spine, neck, back or hip and various types of muscle work.

At the end of your first appointment, you can discuss with the doctor a treatment plan going forward.

*The first examination will require a one-time fee, however, any future evaluations will be at no charge!

First visit chiropractor

Conditions treated in chiropractic

There are many different conditions that chiropractors can treat. In fact, chiropractors are able to diagnose and treat many conditions affecting vertebrae, joints and soft tissues. They can therefore intervene on all parts of the body.


Most people suffer from headaches at some point in their lives and everyone can suffer from them. Headaches can affect the quality of life, sleep, presence at work and mood. Fortunately, there are different ways to relieve them, chiropractic is one of these possibilities. A chiropractor will know how to relieve some headache-related pain through manipulations and joint, muscular, and nervous movements.

Herniated disks

A herniated disc is an abnormal protrusion of a portion of an intervertebral disc located in the spinal canal of the spine. The region most affected by this problem is usually the lower back, in the lumbar region, which is much more requisitioned than the rest of the spine. In most cases of a herniated disk, a physical exam and a medical history are all that is needed for a diagnosis. Although, a chiropractor may need to do one or more tests to see which nerves are affected.

Sciatica problem

Since sciatic nerve innervation almost completely affects the area from the buttock to the toes, when sciatalgia (pain along the sciatic nerve) occurs, the pain follows the same path as the nerve is usually located on one side of the body, on the side of the affected nerve. It is possible that both nerves are affected at the same time. A chiropractor can assess the cause of a sciatalgy, while remaining within their scope of practice. If he considers that one of the causes could be outside the neuro-musculoskeletal domain, he must refer the patient to medicine.


Tendonitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of a tendon, the terminal part of a muscle at the precise location where it attaches to the bone, with the role of controlling joint movement. Pain is the main symptom felt. All tendons in the body can be affected. In the presence of a morphological variant such as a change in the curvature of the arch, a chiropractor may, for example, work in co-management with a podiatrist to determine whether orthotics or orthopedic prostheses are necessary.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This syndrome involves compression of the median nerve located in the carpal tunnel. The carpal tunnel is the transition zone between the forearm and the hand, located in the heel of the hand. It forms an inextensible ostefibrous stream much narrower at this level than at that of the hand or forearm. A chiropractic assessment can help determine the exact cause of numbness or pain. Adjustments to the hand, wrist, and sometimes even the elbow of the shoulder and neck can go a long way to relieving symptoms, freeing up muscle tension and possible compressions along the arm.

Sport injuries or sprains

When you exert too much of a muscle in your body, you may suffer from a sprain. It consists of a tear in the muscle fibers and is usually accompanied by an inability to use the limb concerned. With chiropractic treatments, you can regain the flexibility, joint amplitude and strength of the muscle affected by the sprain faster. From the first consultation, the specialist will be able to plan a treatment plan to recover well and prevent the discomfort caused by the sprain from creating chronic pain in the long term.

Do not let your pain slow you down!

Your chiropractor at Loloyan Chiropractic in Kanata is available to give you personalized advice to improve your overall health condition. Whatever is the nature of your pain, he will know how to relieve it.

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